Commercial Mediation

Business matters can be complex, and sometimes it takes a skilled and impartial facilitator to help conflicted parties reach an amicable resolution. Silver Lining Mediation & Consulting Services offers mediation services for those experiencing commercial and contract disputes. My goal is to help you move forward by reaching a mutually agreeable resolution and retaining control over the outcome of the dispute.

At Silver Lining Mediation & Consulting Services, my goal is to help people put conflict behind them and avoid the long, costly, drawn-out legal battles so many would prefer to avoid. My commercial mediation services are designed to save you more than time and money. By working with me, you may be able to reduce your stress load and benefit from a more creative solution to the issue at hand. Plus, when you work with me, you’ll get:

  • My full attention
  • Flexible appointment scheduling
  • Reasonable rates
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