Joanne Munro
About Me

Joanne is a nationally chartered mediator whose skilled and patient approach will help you resolve conflicts at work, within families (parent-teen, separation and divorce), faith groups, small businesses, and not-for-profits. An instructor and coach for the ADR Institute of Alberta, Joanne also provides private training in conflict management, restorative justice and practice, and effective communication.

Joanne mediates for Alberta Justice's Family Mediation Services (separation and divorce), the Alberta Justice Civil Claims mediation program, Catholic Social Services' parent-teen mediation program, and local community mediation programs. Joanne has extensive experience in organizational/workplace assessment and a rich background in facilitating meetings, public involvement processes (for government) and helping organizations with strategic planning and visioning.

The field of restorative justice/practice is another area Joanne is active in. With a certificate in restorative justice, Joanne also facilitates victim-offender restorative dialogues for the Mediation and Restorative Justice Centre.

Prior to entering the fascinating and transformative world of conflict management, Joanne was a reporter and editorial writer for the Edmonton Journal.